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Complete Tag Care Kit

Complete Tag Care Kit

This kit includes super fine steel wool, two polishing pads, and a mini sharpie.


For best results follow these guidelines:

Steel Wool is best used when your tag has scratches.  This helps to smooth out the surface and remove shallow scratches.  Deeper scratches will remain, but the edges will not be as sharp and jagged.  Using steel wool will leave a brushed metal look (very fine scratches that you can't feel) because of this, you want to rub the tag going in one direction to keep the lines uniform.


Polishing Pads remove tarnish from your tags.  If your tag has become discolored, the polishing pad will restore your tag's natural color and bring back its original shine.  Each polishing pad can be used and reused until both sides are black.  You will notice it turn dark as you rub the tarnish off of your tag.


Sharpie can be applied to the designs on your tag if they seem to be fading.  You will clean the tag with 91% isopropyl alcohol after using the sharpie, so don't worry about trying to "stay within the lines."  This will bring back those bold letters and designs from when you first received your tag. 


Each of these items can be used together or individually.  If used together I recommend you use the steel wool first, then the polishing pad, and finally the sharpie.  Once you've finished, use a piece of paper towel with isopropyl alcohol to wipe off the excess sharpie. I personally have always used 91% isopropyl alcohol though lower percentages may also work.

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