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Mystery Dog Collar

Mystery Dog Collar

Each mystery collar is made from bandana fabric scraps.  Trying to make use of as much scrap as we can in order to create less waste.  List 3 themes/colors you are hoping for and I will do my best to send you a collar in a fabric you will love!


For example:

1. Christmas

2. Green

3. Red


If we do not have any Christmas fabric available, we will try to find green fabric, if that is unavailable, we will try to use red.  This way we can try our best to provide you with a collar in a fabric you will love.


These collars are 1" wide and the hardware is nickel plated.  The buckle is contoured, meaning it will fit the curve of your dog's neck.  There is a D-ring for tag attachment and  each collar is adjustable for a better fit. These collars are made of a lite weight nylon webbing 0.04 inches thick wrapped in cotton fabric.  Keep in mind the hardware does have some weight to it and may be heavy for a smaller dog.


These collars are intended for aesthetic purposes and to provide a fashionable piece for your pups to wear.  Please do not use them for walking your dog especially if it is a larger breed or tends to pull.  If you do choose to use this collar for walking, it is at your own risk, please be cautious.  A great way to show off your collar while walking is to use a harnesss for leash attachment.  We are not responsible for any misuse of this product.

  • Collar Size Guide

    Loosely measure your dog's neck or measure their current collar to determine the best fit.

    X-SMALL: Fits neck size 8″ – 12″

    SMALL: Fits neck size 10″ – 16″

    MEDIUM: Fits neck size 14″ – 19.5″

    LARGE: Fits neck size 18″ – 24″

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