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January Look Box

January Look Box

Each month a new "look" will be released. You can build your look with any of the following base combinations:

- Two bandanas

- One bandana + one matching 6" keychain

- One bandana + one matching 1" ID tag


Each box must contain at least two items, but you can have up to four (Ex: Two bandanas, a keychain, and an ID tag)

  • Bandana Size Guide

    Teeny Tiny:

    10.5" snap to snap

    6.25" drop


    Itty Bitty:

    12” snap to snap

    7” drop



    13” snap to snap

    7.5” drop



    16” snap to snap

    9” drop



    17.5” snap to snap

    9.5” drop



    19” snap to snap

    10.25” drop



    20” snap to snap

    11” drop


    If your dog is between sizes or you want a looser fit, size up and request an additional button snap.

PriceFrom $30.00
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