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Vinyl Customization

Vinyl Customization

Customize any bandana with your pup's name or a fun phrase!


Works best on bandanas with a solid side or a less busy pattern.  Keep in mind that if you choose a busy pattern to put a name on, it won't be as legible.

  • Bandana Size Guide

    Teeny Tiny:

    10.5" snap to snap

    6.25" drop


    Itty Bitty:

    12” snap to snap

    7” drop



    13” snap to snap

    7.5” drop



    16” snap to snap

    9” drop



    17.5” snap to snap

    9.5” drop



    19” snap to snap

    10.25” drop



    20” snap to snap

    11” drop


    If your dog is between sizes or you want a looser fit, size up and request an additional button snap.

PriceFrom $6.00
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